Top 6 tools used in all software companies that don’t need programming knowledge


Splunk is an analytics tool. it is used to search, monitor, and analyze machine-generated data. Most of the companies using this tool for getting alerts related to their job

for example…
if any issue causes a down on the server. Logs are the only way to find and repair it. So this Splunk helps to alert and separate the error log. So that reduces time to find a solution

 Advantage and usage of Splunk :

  • used to get real-time logs and with more speed
  • used to upload log data from a local device to Splunk directly
  • splunk doesn’t require other dependents like database
  • splunk provides great GUI and visibility in dashboard in multiple formats
  • splunk provides quick result so thet reduce the time for troubleshoot issues 
  • Allows .csv, JSON log formats and so on
  • it requires minimum hardware resource
  • And splunk has low-cost maintenance
  • Generates report for the search
  • works with cloud infrastructure
  • Analyzes the logs from a big service cluster

Detailed video link

What To Learn for splunk administrators or Developer ?
  • Start With online free course in YouTube or some other platforms
  • Then join Splunk official training and certificate program
  • Touch with splunk experianced candiates in linkedin
  • learn what are daytoday task of splunk admin and developer
  • Try interview donr give up!!


Vmware is a company, which provides multiple products for virtualization

And this helps storage and networks to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility.

There are 2 roles in Vmware

  1. Vmware Admin
  2. Vmware Developer


AppDynamics is an application of IT operations analytics and performance management tools. Appdynamics mainly focuses on managing the performance and availability of applications across cloud computing environments and inside the data center

so if you want to get a job in app dynamics you should have to learn the basics of web services and networking concepts. To learn some basics like what is 3 tier architecture, how req flows from the client, and so on…And this does not take much time to learn and its too easy to understand.

Once you are done with the basics you should have to concentrate on functions and usage model in-app dynamics There are a ton of free courses available on youtube and other learning platforms please make use of it

And then you have to prepare for interview-based questions so if you want current interview questions. The best way try to interview and take questions and find answers after the interview if you do not know the answer. Don’t give up until you get a job.

Power Bi:

Power bi is a Microsoft based tool and it is used for business intelligence which means

For example…
is some company want to calculate a future profit and they have past data. So they use excel and after a lot of calculations, they got some idea about profit margin.

This way of approach takes a lot of time and the output ratio is also comparatively low with some human error for reduce and increase efficiency they use power BI

The knowledge you need is the basic level of coding is enough and you just have to understand how to use the tool in a real-time environment

Job Roles in Power BI :

  1. Power BI Analyst
  2. Power BI Developer

Service now:

service now or SNOW is a ticketing tool.

So what is a ticketing tool means?

The tool is used to raise and maintain issue-related incidents.This helps to company the record the problems and track employee work (day to day basics)

This means each and every company using this tool. So there is a lot of job opening in this tool.

What to learn for service now?

it doesn’t need much programming knowledge. And it’s simple to understood concepts and logic.

Job Roles in Service now:

Service now Admin


Cyberark is an IAM (Identity Access Management) tool. Which is used to control the access to users for better security and reduce the unwanted issue

This tool is used by most of the companies in spite of putty and we can integrate WinSCP ( used to transfer data from local machine to server ) .That’s easy to use and reliable

And this doesn’t need any programming knowledge. So make use of it

Job Roles :

CyberARK admin

CyberARK Developer


The best way to get a job in top tech companies is to learn tools and try to do projects with those tools.That helps to create an attractive resume and that makes you get a right job

All the best !!

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