How To Crack Zoho interview – Step by step Procedure

Zoho is one of the dream companies in most of the job seekers and software engineers in India. Why?

Because ZOHO gives more high and more job security when compared to other companies, Most people think it’s too hard to get a job as a software developer in Zoho. But the reality is they were wrong

If you work hard in the right way you will get your Dream Job !!!

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Rounds & Eligibility :

Zoho interview process has 5 Rounds

Round 1: Aptitude and basic coding

Round 2: Basic Programming

Round 3: Advanced Programming

Round 4: Technical HR Round

Round 5: HR Round

Round 1 : Aptitude & Basic programming :

You have concentrated on 18 important topics to clear basic aptitude and you have to learn basic programming questions as well in C & C++.

Please refer to the old interview questions

APTITUDE(1 hr and 20 minutes-20 questions): Problems on average, probability, time & distance, alligation&mixture,ratio, HCF & LCM, and few a puzzles.

Basic Programming:

Some Examples…

You have to be strong in data structure and algorithms. The question will be from some of the basics.

Advance Programming Round:

This round you have to create some applications please find below questions for some idea


Create a Cab booking application, ZULA as per the details given below. The program should first present a menu with the following options

  1. Driver login
  2. Customer Login
  3. ZULA Administrator
  4. Exit

Task 1: Initialization

Initialize the data as per the details are given below to be loaded when the program starts. Note: It can be loaded and kept in the memory. No need to maintain a File or DB.

Tech HR Round

About Tech Hr round in ZOHO

This round will be a face-to-face round.

I’m ZOHO there are 2 packages for freshers 4.5LPA & 6.5LPA. So this round will do the judgments.SO we have prepared well in this round for a better package

Note: If you passed the first 3 rounds you are shortlisted

HR Round

This round will be some formality round. They will


Why do you want to be a software engineer?

You can answer the questions it’s too easy to clear!!

How to prepare for an interview :

Preparation procedure for Zoho interview

You have to learn 2 languages c and c++

Step 1:Before starting the program you have to complete an Aptitude .so the first start with apps and then move to Codings

The best 3 Platform to learn codings

  1. Udemy
  2. youtube
  3. Books ( Best books for C & C++)

Step 2: First start with basics and then start to learn data structure and algorithm.

Step 3: Have to learn interview-based coding projects

Those three steps you have to follow.

How long takes to become a software developer?

Basically, you have to spend 2 months on aptitude

And 3 months for basics in C & C++

Later 3 Months for data structure and algorithms

Finally, you have to spend at least 1 month on interview-based preparation

Totally you need 9 -10 months to prepare

So How To Crack?

  1. Practice is the only way .But you have choose the right path for preparation so make Research on right content and right material

2. Consistency is key. So study 2hrs per day but keep it for a long time without any gap gap: if you study 1 week and take a break for another week it’s not the right way of approach
so study every day for mac take a 1 or 2-day break.Don’t take long to break it collab all your knowledge and time

4. prepare with model and old questions: once you are done with some topics and try to practice with old questions

5. Fix your mind: before all the things if you want to be a software engineer first fix your mins. Don’t distract with any reason


important links for prepare

Model interview questions


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