Important Topics to clear Aptitude round for placements


if you want to get a good salary job in top IT companies you have to start your preparation with Aptitude. The Cv is the 2nd important thing when you compare it to aptitude. We have to clear 1st round to go next

Here I’m going to explain how I cleared my aptitude round and what important topics I focused on and made myself strong in aptitude, let’s get started

Note: Here i explained only an aptitude exclude coding aptitude’s

How I cleared my aptitude round in offcampus placement

I already explained how I got my first job in IT .So I mainly concentrate on two things while I got my job

  • Apptitude
  • Communication

Well I explained How I improved my communication to clear communication rounds

So those two things really helped to get my dream job!!

while preparing aptitude I concentrate more on 3 things . That is too simple to clear aptitude’s if you follow the same

  • 18 important topics – i mentioned below
  • old questions
  • practice

  • 18 important topics – i mentioned below
  • Those topics mentioned below was I concentrated more while i prepare my aptitude

    Quantitative Apptitude

    • Probability
    • Permutations and Combinations
    • Profit & Loss
    • Work & Time
    • Problem on Ages and Trains
    • Numbers
    • Time ,speed , distance
    • Ratios
    • Percentage

    Logical reasoning

    • Series completion
    • Seating arrangement
    • Blood relation
    • Direction
    • Coding decoding


    • Reading comprehension
    • Para jumbles / Completions
    • Sentance correction
    • Synonym & Antonym

    Old Question :

    While you prepare aptitude you have to do the mock test. While you doing mock if you use old question papers is more effective

    for example, if you prepare aptitude’s for clear TCS interview go with TCS old question paper

    You can find some old question paper in

    some companies use some old questions and repeat them again with new question paper.So if you solve it earlier it will help you to save time and percentage to clear around will be better

    Practice and Tips:

    While you practice the mock test you have to consider the timing than how many questions you solved. That is very much important while you prepare aptitudes.So try to finish before the mentioned timing as per the test

    Don’t do random clicks while you attend interview questions

    Some students have to click the random answer if he/she does not prepare for their exams. That is the very worst practice.Why because some companies like TCS have some algorithms that calculate how much time you took to select each question if your answer is right with less timing than mentioned as the wrong answer

    Negative marks

    Some companies have negative marks in his interview so must read the page that will show before starting the test there they mention all the things. If you have negative marks you will reduce your score by select a wrong answer

    for example…

    if you select 1 right answer and 1 wrong answer, You will get
    1 mark for the right answer
    -0.5MARKS for the wrong answer

    so your total marks will be 0.5

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