How I improved my communication and got job in Top software company

While after I completed my college degree I’m very bad at speaking English, And while I attend interviews, the Majority of my score was reduced because of my English fluency even I’m good in technical.After I attended more  than 20 interviews I realized that “ if I do not improve my English I can’t get a job

So I watched more than 50 videos and read blogs like anything for tips to improve communication. My research and 2 months of practice help me to crack an interview in one of the top 10 MNC company interviews in my country.

Here I’m going to explain  Things I followed to improve my communication and English fluency  that what helped me to clearly communicate with people

And finally, I’m going to give some additional tips to clear an interview.

Let’s get a start,

Introduction :

Some people like me, Think like communication is just speaking in English, Yes don’t laugh!! , Really I think like that only .while started to attend interviews

But later I realized it not only depends on English only. At the same time, English fluency is very much important to show and  improve communication and along with that we have to do more to show ourselves better,

Alright, if you want to clear communication round, you must have to concentrate on two things

  • English Fluency 
  • Communication Skills (interviewer perspective )

I’m going to give you tips that really help me to be better at the above two things

English Fluency:

Normally we can able to understood and read English, It’s simple and easy for us, even if you are bad at reading you might not stick with this site until this line. (I Appreciate you, you have good reading skills already). So the problem is only when you speak. So how do we improve our English Speaking Skills?

Answer – Practice

Yes, Practice is the only way to improve your English fluency. So how to practice in the right way …Don’t worry ill give top 5 tips to improve English fluency practice

1.Speak Yourself / Mirror :

Here is my first tip that makes my English fluency hike bigger than a mountain!

What happens, If you are a beginner and start speaking in a new language with people who already have some little better knowledge than you?

They started to laugh at you or they use you as a tool for their joy!

Note: I’m only telling about some less-knowledge people. If a person has good knowledge he/she actually helps you to be better.

So the only way to overcome those unwanted / less motivated things is to speak with yourself, Id doesn’t want you to speak like a mentally disturbed person. But every human definitely spoke with them …eg ..what I’m going to eat tonight ??.

But the thing is most people speak themselves in his/their mother tongue that won’t help you to improve your English fluency. So inspire of speaking in mother-tongue use English.

Initially, it’s hard to find some words to make a full sentence but while you do this for some days you will get familiar with those words and you will use that normally 

Each and every time you are stuck with a complete sentence. Just start to google it and find the correct way to complete it and note that in some notes app .so that it helps you next time. off-course not everyone has super memory right!!

And if you like to improve your body language (body language is very much important in the communication ) use a mirror. This helps you a lot to check yourself that how you use your fave hands to show your expression and one pro time try to speak without words means to use your hands and face expression to communicate with you that really helps to improve the body language 

2. Use Some Quality Apps:

Use an application like campy to improve to speak with people who have English as a mother-tongue. if you speak with people who have more knowledge and experience that really helps you to get a new word and accent in English,

You will start to use some different words to complete your sentence if you follow this tip . It a human nature hearing is always better than reading in this scenario

3. Try Different Accent:

Take 10 words that you comply use every single day and try to use that with another country accent like us English accent or British English accent.

This approach really makes your English more stylish .you don’t even have to change your entire accent some common words is enough 

And most important don’t merge your mother-tongue accent with your English accent,

It’s normal for people to use to merge the mother-tongue accent into their English accent. But try to avoid that from your English

4.Introduec New Words:

introduce some new words every month (yes, every month that’s enough) and try to use the words continuously 

Eg: if you have to tell a reason for not complete a work

I’m going to tell the real reason for this scenario, So How do you tell that 

I fell so lazy and tired that’s why I didn’t complete

But inspire of that if you use a new word called procrastinate that shows your English quality 

Tell like; ‘I procrastinated my work

See How good it is, so use new words and make use of them in a daily practice

5. Watch Series / Read Books:

Books reading improve your English that a proven fact

But not everyone is interested in reading books,I want to tell you one quote that helps me to get interested in reading books

‘Read what you love until you love to read’

Man !! That is really a fact and helps a lot

Those are the 5 tips I would like to add!! Let’s go to the next part!!

How to improve Communication skills

Here lot and lot of tips for improving communication tips online, But ifs. You come to interview prospective things will differ so I’m going to tell you 6 major things have to note in your English to get a job!!


if you are in communication round the first thing they check from you is communication. There is  a separate column in the valuation sheet for employee confidence (‘ Confidence define ‘ )and they give more credits for that one

Just think if you are going to work in an MNC environment most of the communication happens via meetings if you were not confident enough to explain your ideas even it’s a very good idea there Is no use in it. That’s why they give more importance to confidence What confidence interval you maintain is also very important means you have to speak confidently until the end of that interval you maintain also a matter

2.Body language

Already I said about body language right. did you ever check the Body language of cats they always be confident and great attitude? By the way, attitude is a part of confidence lets back to the point. So The talking with mirror method that not only helps improve your English fluency it either helps to improve communication skills.So be practice much in it

3.Eye Contact

Ok, How a recruiter judge your confidence is that they have any superpower No,

They start from your eyes. That tells everything even if you talk with your friends you didn’t made eye contact .He.she will not continue conversion they think you might be in some rush or you hiding something.

That same thing happens in an interview as well so double check your eye contact

I know it is not possible to make 100% eye contact. But try to make it as much as possible


Talk to your interviewer like a friend,if you talk like a robot or too casual that totally gives an awkward feeling to your interviewer,Don’t do that


You  don’t have to say sir, just let them talk and then you talk. that is the right way of approach

6.Listening skills :

If you do not observe a question one or two times they might reduce your score in listening skills. And this skill also has the same credits as confidence skills

Make sure to keep ears sharper

So that’s things I would like to share with you if you really like my tips click that subscribes button

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