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Relevel Review and Relevel Test Tips to score 700+


Hey Readers, Welcome back to Nowadays software company requirements have changed a lot. And new approaches have been introduced to people. Specifically, one important way is most popular in the way of salary and companies (Top tech).Relevel!! . But this new approach confused a lot of people with a ton of questions. so this article will clear all dust from your vision. And help to use this opportunity in the right way. I’m going to give you a proper Relevel Review and Relevel Test Tips to score 700+

About me: My name is abin, I’m a software engineer and content creator. Apart from my work and qualification, I’m a person who is curious to share his own experience, thoughts, and ideas.

Let’s start with HOW RELEVEL WORKS?

How Relevel Works?

I did a collaboration with relevel multiple times. And I attended multiple meetings with relevel management team. So I have an exact view about how to relevel works. Let me explain,

Most of the companies have a big issue and they called them to find the quality resources (employee)!

Yes! Companies give more and more importance to finding an employee with the right skill and attitude so that companies spend lot of money to conduct a recruitment event.

Apart from money, they should spend more time organizing and changing website mode to apply for jobs like that. Those 2 things really suck much time and money for most of the companies

So those companies planned to start a new model which should have to reduce wastage of time and money.The model is named “JOB CONSULTANCY

The job consultancy actually takes care of that event organizes stuff and spends money and time to pick the right resource. Then the company will pay some amount to consultancy and take the resources.BUT the problem arises along with this model which is called fake job consultant. We will talk about that in another blog in detail. Let’s only focus on relevel

So how RELEVEL differ from those job consultancy ?

Relevel is a platform that helps you to attend a test to show your quality by relevel score for free (yes relevel is a FREE test platform). so as I said the earlier company needs a quality resource so they looking for a candidate with desired skills so they come to relevel and check the score of people in a particular area. If that score fit their requirement they directly call them for the final level of the interview

Here company doesn’t have to spend more time to filter 1 out of 1000 people(Time save) . And don’t have to spend money to conduct an event (Both sides profit).That’s, why more top-end companies approach relevel and people, got more jobs with relevel test score

Alright! I think now clear with why relevel. Let’s go for some tips how to score 700+ on relevel test

Tips to get high score in Relevel Test:

I contacted people who working officially for relevel to make this blog, they gave some important ideas about this topic. So I’m going to cover those things along with some of my personal ideas.if you planning to take a test with relevel this blog will really help you!

And special thanks to relevel team for sharing those ideas

Focus only in Syllabus:

Each and every test has its own syllabus and important topics so you should have to take a look at the first and then start the preparation.let I show you how to get that

First, Go to relevel Page -> Click me-> scroll down and follow the image i mentioned

How to download syllabus in relevel

once you download the syllabus scroll down on that, then check the syllabus and only concentrate on those topics

Syllabus for Fullstack Dev Test – Relevel

Topics in the above image are very important and most of the questions comes under those topics

So How to learn those topics for free?

You can learn those topics in 2 ways

  1. By books you have to spend some money in good quality books .But all in one hand you just have to practice yourself thats it!
  2. Learn free from online website ,i mentioned some free site clearly in another blog

Mock Test for relevel test:

Mock tests are the best way to score more, So how to get the mock test and mock interviews related to relevel? Yes! we got the best way to do that

Click the link -> Select login option -> give your number and submit OTP

Then go to your home page ->choose the Test -> Book Slot -> Then there you got one option called Practice Test

Relevel mock test
Relevel mock test

Once you click the practice test .you will enter the mock test page. You have a separate test for each round choose one by one and complete the test once you are done with practice you can go-ahead

Relevel mock test

Every round have a separate Mock Test

Pick a right revelel Test:

Relevel has multiple tests like Fullstack development, backend development, frontend development, business development, and data analyst so you have to choose which one suits you

For example, if you don’t have programming skills but you’re trying to get a job with more packages .so you obviously choose programming development test

Don’t do that mistake, Better you can choose what test ask skill that you have already, Like if you are good in communication to choose a business development test, that has more mark weightage for communication skill

Check the mark weightage in each and every round and check that score with your skill.If your communication is good and some tests have more scores in communication pick that test in spite of picking a programming test

As of my job experience “Getting a job in IT as a fresher is harder than switching technology with experience

So try to enter a job and then try to learn new technology then switch to high salary it job role.

So what is the non-tech job test in relevel?

Business Development Test
Business Analyst Test

Finally! choose the test that what skill you have already


Another most important thing to score more marks in relevel is communication . Which test you choose there is a separate score for may vary from test to test. But all the tests have scores for communication

So we already know there is the mark for communication so we should have to improve our communication 1-step more from what we are now,So how to improve communication specifically to clear relevel test?

There are some simple hacks i personally followed in the last 5 years of my engineering journey and I mentioned in my other blog

How i improved my communication and got job in Top-Tech company

Tips from relevel Achivers:

Relevel personally conducts some seminars with people who already got a job with the help of relevel.Some people got 50LPA – CTC .So Those people gave lot of tips already . And they shared relevel test experience

And relevel made that kind of podcasts every week

So have to watch those podcasts to getting more ideas and tips to reach a 700+ milestone

that’s it about Relevel Review and Relevel Test Tips to score 700+


Last but not least, there is a simple hack in relevel. relevel is a free platform and it allows you to attend a test every 30 days gap so if you are new to learning those kinds of skills and try multiple times and you can use relevel as a practice platform to check your skills.So Relevel Review and Relevel Test Tips to score 700+ bits of help

if you have any doubts with relevel comment below ill check with relevel team and respond to your request

Thanks for your time.Remember us !!!

All the best 🙂

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